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Olympic Onion Powder is a unique and rare spice made of 100% green onions.

Our family produces all natural green onion powder with pride at Olympic Onion Farm in Sequim, Washington on the beautiful Olympic Penninsula.

Olympic Onion Powder is handcrafted to taste. Once you sprinkle some of our green onion powder on your favorite dish and have a bite, you'll agree with everyone who came before you..."It's my new favorite spice!"

It's the perfect seasoning and gift!

Olympic Onion Farm's Green Onion Powder can be purchased at retailers around the Olympic Penninsula and at several regional Farmers Markets. Click here for a list of locations.

If you can't make it to out neck of the woods, you can always order online here.

Try some, be amazed!


Made in USA

Family owned and operated


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